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Saint Valentine’s Day – men, myths, and the aftermath

Written by: Jess Cooling | Saturday 3rd February 2018

Saint Valentine’s Day

The Men

Saint Valentine was martyred in the late 3rd century, but it wasn’t until the late 5th century that his feast day became 14th February. However, being a popular name of the time, there are a handful of Saints named Valentine, as well as a Pope! This causes some confusion over which Valentine the day originally was kept for. Various claims range from Saint Valentine being a lowly temple priest, to the Bishop of Terni. Most of these figures helped Christian couples to wed, ultimately ending in martyrdom. Being the Patron Saint of engaged couples and happy marriages, Saint Valentine is a very busy figure!


The Myths

One particularly popular myth stems from the time Saint Valentine spent imprisoned before his death. After curing his jail-keeper’s daughter of blindness, he developed a close friendship with her, writing letters and exchanging niceties. The last of these was supposed to have been signed “From your Valentine”, a phrase which is still used today.
Geoffrey Chaucer, famous for the bending of the truth in his writing, re-designed the celebrations of Valentine’s Saint Day. Before Chaucer’s work “Parliament of Fools”, there is no record of any association between the feast day of Saint Valentine and the idea of romance. One line hinted strongly at the coming together of lovers on 14th February, similar to nature’s mating season. This then developed into a tradition once his work had become more widespread.
Shakespeare also romanticised the tradition in his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, implying if two single people meet on the morning of Valentine’s Day they will, at some point, marry each other. He also references this superstition during Ophelia’s lament in Hamlet.


The Aftermath

Modern Valentine’s Day cards and gifts are seen by many as an opportunity to remind their nearest and dearest that they’re loved. Some will send a card in the hope of sparking a new romance, some people even send them to their pets! Whatever your reason for celebrating Valentine’s Day, we have a range of cards and gifts to suit all tastes. Be sure to pop in before the day to pick up the perfect present for the one you love.
If you’re lucky enough to be together on the day, why not bring your loved one to Coolings Green & Pleasant for a romantic walk around the Nature Trail, followed by a tasty treat in Blueberry Café. Our ‘sharing platters’ are perfect for two, with savoury and sweet options, all made with love just for you!